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Kami Galilee Boutique Hotel

Nice to meet you and welcome, my name is Dori, mother of five wonderful magicians.

Nice to meet you and welcome, my name is Dori, mother of five wonderful magicians.

A long time I have experienced myself walking in our world, in beloved Israel and beyond, with a rich side of human love, the earth and a passion for life. From the same values invites you to 'Kami' - a unique and different hospitality experience, an encounter with love and passion in a spectacular hospitality complex, in front of a breathtaking view.

Out of my love for healthy food, thanks for the products of our tiny country, compassion in my heart for life on earth and for all its creatures, the hospitality at "Kami" is healthy, high quality and delicious. There is nothing in the space that involves the use of animal products, from the pampering refreshments during the holiday, the meals we offer to the cosmetics and bedding. 

We serve rich and pampering brunch meals in a beautiful lounge overlooking the landscape. The preparation is done in a home kitchen, quality home-made using Galilean produce and local agriculture, Baldi vegetables and Galilean herbs. The meal is served to you personally and meticulously. The menu is rich and varied and we make every effort to respond to every request and need.

My dedicated staff and I, maintain a high level of cleanliness and maintenance and are happy to respond to special requests before your arrival.

We celebrate at Kami birthdays, anniversaries and romantic and other events, exciting marriage proposals, honeymoon vacations, cheerful pre-wedding parties, inspiring and multi-age family conferences. Throughout the mansion we are happy to host extended nuclear families, elite groups and cohesive teams for important and joyous events.

Feel free to chat with me at any time, promises to help build a perfect and unique vacation

Yours is Dori Alsheikh 

Dori and her family
Statues in Kami

The accommodation complex was established and designed by Bat Oren Polak, a gifted artist who poured all her love into unique architectural design, gallery furniture and inspiring works of art, alongside the recent additions of the works of my dear father Moshe Alsheikh and his partner Ella.


The accommodation complex is embracing, pampering and admirable in light of the unique design, colors and magical view of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.

The tranquility is maintained, the tranquility and nature allow for an experience and being of relaxation and connection, rest and balance. The rooms have everything you need for a pleasant and comfortable vacation out of attention to detail, small and large.

The rooms are spacious in a romantic style  And luxurious and it's wonderful, no matter what design touched your heart, in all of them the experience is pampering and pleasant

Passion ~ harmony ~ classic ~ joy ~ dream
נוף גלילי

Kami - What does the name mean? 

I set out at the end of December, beginning of January 2018,

I searched there for this magical mansion, not knowing that very soon it would become my second home.

I took a few days to connect, I wanted to let things get at their own pace from the right place and whole and mine.

And one wintry and clear morning I woke up with the name on my lips


Like that without explanation, he just deserved it.

"Knowledgeable" told me that the name is not catchy, not familiar in a dreamer and not familiar in whistling and emphasis.

But inside I knew.

Things that come from the depths, carry with them gifts and a promising horizon.

And so it was determined: Kami - Galilee Boutique Hotel.

It was later found that Kami 神 is the name of the gods in Japan who constitute the forces of nature: the wind, the moon,  The waterfalls, streams, seas and mountains rise.

Cami resides wherever they want. In their dwelling in a certain place they give it their sanctity.

The Japanese are known for their love of nature and see nature as a divine character, the gods called Kami like to dwell in particularly prominent and beautiful places 📷

I recently met an inspiring woman, just her name Joy - happy, heart-opening.

And as mothers as mothers, the conversation went straight to the children, and to their excitement, it turned out that Camus was the name of her youngest daughter.

And so after a year, I connected again to the deep and unexplained choice and learned that Cami is 'beloved' in one of the languages in India,

'We' in Filipino, 'Sweet Orange' in Indonesian, the sun goddess Omikami in Japanese ...

And to this we add Albert Camus, a French writer in his wit and writings

"The real generosity towards the future is to give everything in the present"

And Camille Pissarro a French painter, who painted the estate in 1867 without knowing it.

Painting by Camus Pissarro
Kami - drone photography

Proud to receive a certificate of excellence from leading companies in the field of tourism

Booking site award 2018
Booking site award 2021
Excellent host status
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