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Kami Galili Spa and Teva Boutique Hotel, welcome! 

On the top of the mountain at an altitude of 680 meters above sea level, between Rosh Pina and Safed

In front of a beautiful panoramic view overlooking the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Mountains and the Nazareth Range

One of the most wonderful boutique hotels in the north. 

A masterpiece in the field of architecture and design, paintings, sculptures, restored gallery furniture and rare collectibles from around the world.

In the landscape of the green and stormy Galilee you will enjoy rich hospitality on another level, meticulously romantic and pampering. 

In Kami, five luxurious luxury suites, a masterpiece of design and comfort. 

When you look through the large windows, from the huge jacuzzi to the breathtaking view, everything connects naturally and a new stamp is stamped in the passport of the heart. 

Welcome to an unforgettable vacation, a pampering experience in a warm and rich house.

Our suites are luxurious and unique

The accommodation suites are each designed in a different and luxurious style that takes you to exciting and stimulating experiences. The suites are far from each other and maintain complete privacy. 

The suite has huge glass windows that look directly onto the view, a huge 1.90 by two meter jacuzzi, a huge double bed with a pampering mattress, soft and comfortable bedding, a sitting area, plasma screens with cable and all the TV channels, a bathroom equipped with care products and a bath, towels that are pleasant to the touch, Bathrobes, hairdryer and slippers, espresso machine, coffee corner and electric kettle.


The chef's kitchen in Kami

The chef's kitchen in Kami Galili is particularly colorful and attractive, from the moment you arrive you are invited to enjoy a luxurious and indulgent meal in the lounge with a variety of delicacies in the king's hospitality. 

Our breakfast is 100% vegan.It is recommended to order in advance before your arrival(not included in the price)  A line of Home made flavors, Baldi vegetables and herbs from the garden, without any use of animal products  100% Vegan. A varied and satisfying menu while responding to every request and need, directly to the room or personally served in the lounge overlooking the view.​

Spa treatments

In the mansion complex there is a double treatment room where you can enjoy a variety of body and soul treatments performed by a professional and experienced team of therapists. 

A romantic couple experience with the person closest to your heart, the team of caregivers works quietly and allows you an intimate connection without the need for words. Inner spiritual relief and physical relief, stress release and relief from chronic pain problems and mental challenges.


The magic of the Galilee

We are located  on Mount Canaan between Rosh Pina and Safed, near Rosh Pina the old settlement and a short distance from the wonderful alleys of the old city of Safed, the Upper Galilee is bustling with life and invites you to hikes and adventures in a variety of sites within a short driving distance.

Hermon, the Golan Heights, the northern streams and nature reserves, a variety of easy and challenging hiking trails and the magical Kinneret beaches. Agmon Hula and a variety of nature attractions, kayaks, rafting, ATVs and more.

I am happy to help in building the vacation and with a lot of recommendations, I am like an open book for you

Dori Alsheikh

Looking for a vacation in the Galilee?
A rich and pampering experience? I will be happy to assist you

Talk to me, Dori:


Heated pool


Coffee brewer

Spa treatments

Wireless WIFI


Coffee corner



Tanning beds



Hot cable

Spectacular view

ג'קוזי ספא פרטי

בריכה מחוממת

ארוחת בוקר

מכונת קפה

טיפולי ספא

אינטרנט אלחוטי

מיזוג אויר

פינת קפה ותה

מוצרי טואלטיקה

חלוקי רחצה

מיטות שיזוף



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